Kasco® Deicer & Circulator Replacement Parts

Kasco® Deicer & Circulator Replacement Parts
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Replacement props and zinc annodes for Kasco deicers are available to maintain your deicer and ensure a long lifespan. Dock mount kits and horizontal float units can also be used to support your deicers depending on the application or surroundings.

C-10 Thermostat Controller
The C-10 uses an Air Temperature Thermostat to turn the De-Icer on when the temperature drops below a set point that you decide. The C-10 will save you money on your electric bill and pay for itself with savings. One C-10 controls one 110V De-Icer. It is recommended to set the temperature dial at 30 degrees Fahrenheit which is -1 Celsius.

C-20 Portable Timer with Thermostat Controller
Use the C-20 Time and Temperature Control Box to control the amount of use of the De-Icer and to save on your electrical bill. One C-20 will control one 120V De-Icer and is a great addition to a De-Icing system. It uses BOTH an Air Temperature Thermostat and a Timer Clock to operate the De-Icer. It will pay for itself with electrical savings.

Universal Dock Mount (KascoPart # 243485)
Universal Dock Mount or Piling Mount that can be used with any Kasco De-Icer. This heavy-duty Universal Dock Mount or Piling Mount is made from thermal plastic composites, corrosion protected steel, and stainless steel to withstand the toughest marine conditions. The De-Icer is mounted to the "underwater parts" of the Universal Dock Mount and the "above water" parts are mounted to the dock or piling. Due to shipping limitations, a 1" pipe extension needs to be supplied by the purchaser to connect the "underwater parts" and "above water" parts. The new Easy Lock handle makes angle adjustment a breeze.

Horizontal Floatation Unit (KascoPart # 213001)
Kasco Marine, Inc. offers an exclusive, arctic proven flotation kit that is optional for all De-Icers. The easy-to-assemble kit consists of stainless steel components and a flotation block. The De-Icer unit is mounted horizontally to the surface of the water, just below the flotation block. The De-Icer can be angled in several positions; horizontal and above and below horizontal.

The horizontal operation of the De-Icer produces an elongated pattern of agitatedwater. This is well suited for tough problems such as shallow water areas, areas where water and ice levels fluctuate such as tidalwaters, or where elongated open water areas are desired, such as around long docks. With adjustable angles above and below horizontal, the De-Icer can also be suited to fit many water depth and obstruction conditions.

Using a Kasco De-Icer with the Horizontal Float is also a great tool to improve summer water quality and eliminate stagnant water. It can also be used to push debris into an area that it is easily removed.

Replacement Zinc Anodes
The Sacrificial Zinc Anode creates a sphere of protection around the unit. It is installed on the motor shaft because the spinning motion assists in the protection quality of the Zinc. As the Zinc deteriorates through the corrosion process, the sphere of protection decreases. If the Zinc deteriorates enough, eventually the sphere will be too small to protect the entire motor unit and damage could occur to the motor unit. That is why it is crucial to inspect your unit and Sacrificial Zinc Anode routinely, and if the Sacrificial Zinc Anode is corroded or deteriorated to half of its original size or less, it should be replaced. The more minerals, such as salt content, the quicker the corrosion will occur, therefore, the Sacrificial Zinc Anode must be checked more often. In areas of high mineral content, it is suggested to check the Anode every couple months.

Zinc Anode for 1/2 HP Kasco 2400D Deicer - Part # 243365
Zinc Anode for 3/4 HP 3400D Kasco Deicer - Part # 243365
Zinc Anode for 1 HP 4400D Kasco Deicer - Part # 840465

Replacement Props For Deicers
These high performance, energy efficient propellers from Kasco will ensure your Kasco de-icer or circulator delivers maximum ice clearance and prevention.

  • Specially pitched for maximum thrust and minimum power usage
  • Damaged propellers must be replaced to maintain de-icer or circulator performance
  • Each Kasco de-icer has a propeller designed to fit for optimal performance

Prop for 1/2 HP 2400D Kasco Deicer - Part # 240175 - "K" Prop
Prop for 3/4 HP 3400D Kasco Deicer - Part # 34130 - "J" Prop
Prop for 1 HP 4400D Kasco Deicer - Part # 440405 - "M" Prop



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