Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems®

Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems®
Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems® Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems® Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems® Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems® Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems® Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems®
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The Aquatic Systems Vertex™ synergistic diffuser assemblies have some of the smallest and finest bubbles available in any diffuser. Micro-bubble column creates incredible lifting rates which result in optimal oxygen transfer, mixing and overall aeration. These self-weighted diffuser assemblies from Aquatic Systems come in multiple configurations using micro-bubble technology and replaceable 9" membrane diffuser discs which provide the most lifting of water towards the surface and less pressure loss during operation.


  • Wastewater Aeration
  • Lake and Large Pond Aeration
  • Leachate Mixing and Aeration
  • De-icing and Ice Management

Each assembly is equipped with 1/2" barbed connector to fit your 1/2" or 5/8" airline. These weighted diffusers lay flat on the bottom so disturbed sediments is minimized and airstones do not become fouled or covered in muck. The raised base keeps the air discs out of any sediment and provide stabilization on even extremely muddy bottoms.

The hollow base of the diffuser can be filled with gravel or sand which sinks the diffuser easily and securely on the pond bottom. The base has holes for attaching mooring ropes if you wish to add a float to the diffuser for future retrieval or removal or re-placing of the diffuser. You can also tie a float a few inches below the surface so you don't have to see the float.

Extreme lifting and aeration using low energy air compressors. Diffusers are left in the pond or lake over winter without issue. Price includes all taxes and shipping in Canada.

Available Diffuser Formats

2 Disc Assembly
Model: ASTN2

Size: 14.4" x 18.6" x 8.4"
Min. Airflow: 1 CFM
Rec. Airflow: 2 - 4 CFM
Max. Airflow: 12 CFM
4 Disc Assembly
Model: ASTN4

Size: 28" x 28" x 10.5"
Min Airflow: 2 CFM
Rec. Airflow: 4 - 8 CFM
Max Airflow: 24 CFM
5 Disc Assembly
Model: ASTNXL5

Size: 28" x 28" x 10.5"
Min Airflow: 2.5 CFM
Rec. Airflow: 5 - 10 CFM
Max Airflow: 30 CFM

The EPDM membrane diffuser discs are held above the base and remain out of any sediment in the pond. The diffuser discs are highly resistant to fouling or organic buildup, have an integrated check-valve inside to prevent water backing into the airlines, and can easily be replaced. The micro-bubbles relased through the 6,600 engineered orifices in each EPDM membrane 9" disc, create a vortex of upward motion.

Diffuser Depth
Diffuser Assembly Pumping Rates
Gallons Per Minute
  2 Disc Assembly 
4 Disc Assembly 
5 Disc Assembly 
4' 1,400    
6' 2,300
8' 2,500 5,500 7,700
10' 3,200 7,000 9,950
12' 3,900 7,750 10,750
14' 4,300 8,300 11,850
16' 4,500 9,000 12,450
18' 4,550 9,650 13,200
20' 4,700 10,050 13,750

10,300 14,150
24' 10,500 14,400
26' 10,650 14,600
28' 10,700 14,700
30' 10,800 14,800
  • Diffuser station consists of 2,4 or 5 self-cleaning, 9" diameter, flexible membrane diffusers of EPDM compound with 100% rebound memory, each producing millions of fine 500 to 3000 micron bubbles.

  • Includes FlowControl technology that equalizes airflow to all diffusers on uneven bottoms and StableTrak technology which stabilizes the bubble column increasing lift velocity.

  • Each diffuser station is equipped with a vacuum-formed HDPE base, sonic spot-welded to provide unit integrity. Base unit has a hollow chamber design for the addition of inert pea gravel ballast and a lipped design to prevent settling into soft bottom sediments.

The Vertex Diffuser Advantage

  • More energy efficient die cut perforations
  • “Delta” surface pattern increases active surface area and aeration efficiency during low and moderate air flows
  • Reformulated proprietary membrane compound increases flexibility, wear, and clog resistance
  • Larger, stronger diffuser ring improves membrane retention and service life
  • Redesigned and strengthened diffuser body and membrane backing plate
  • StableTrak™ technology increases lift velocity
  • FlowControl™ technology equalizes airflow to each disk
  • Base unit has a hollow chamber design for adding inert pea gravel ballast
  • Lipped base design prevents diffuser from settling into soft sediments

    2 Disc Assembly

    4 Disc Assembly

    5 Disc Assembly

    8 Disc Assembly

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