AquaRock® Decorative Garden Fountain Kits from Aquascape®

AquaRock® Decorative Garden Fountain Kits from Aquascape®
AquaRock® Decorative Garden Fountain Kits from Aquascape®
Brand: Aquascape®
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The Aquascape AquaRock® Fountain Kit incorporate the sight and sound of water into your garden or home. The Aquascape AquaRock Fountain Kit is available in two colors and comes complete with everything needed to install a beautiful water fountain. The concept and design are brilliant! Everything you need to make a small garden fountain comes in a bucket which also acts as the pump vault and water collection reservoir. The liner skirt is included as is the pump and tubing and the real drilled flatstones in choice of two colors. The three flat stones are piled on each other and the pump tube runs through the stones so the water bubbles up through the stones and falls back into the bucket through the decorative stones you place on top of the liner skirt. Birds will love it and drink and bath from the fountain. Adding some lights will make the glimmering bubbles of water dance like magic fireflies in the evening!

  • Simple to install and maintain (most installations take less than 1 hr.)
  • Integrates easily into existing landscapes
  • Comes complete with all necessary components
  • Fountain is made from real rock (stone size and quantity may vary)

Kit Includes Everything You Need:

  1. Five gallon bucket (water basin) and perforated lid
  2. Lid liner skirt
  3. Water pump with 6' power cord
  4. Water hose
  5. Drilled rock stack
AquaRock Sandstone Kit

14.5" H x 12" dia.
(Approx. Unit Weight: 45 lbs.)
Aquascape #97067
AquaRock Blue Stone Kit

14.5" H x 12" dia.
(Approx. Unit Weight: 45 lbs.)
Aquascape #97068

1. Dig out soil to bury the AquaRock bucket. 2. Place bucket into hole you have created. 3. Add gravel or pebbles* over liner skirt. Fill with water, plug in pump and ENJOY!

*Decorative pebbles or stones are sold separately or available at your local garden center or hardware store.


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